Community WiFi

Away from home? Visit any of our hot spot locations across the Uintah Basin to access the internet.
Hotspot Locations:
Availability of services and/or packages and prices vary by location.

WiFi Pricing

6 Hours
1 Week
2 Weeks
30 Days

Bandwidth, support, and billing:


Connection speeds depend on the number of users connected to the hot spot at one time. You must be within range to access the hot spot. Service cannot be guaranteed to all areas.


Please contact 435-622-5151 for any troubles that arise with the hotspot locations.


Customers will be able to access the hotspot site when they are within range. All sessions will have to be preauthorized by credit card payment.

Are you interested in having a WiFi hotspot at your business location? Contact us at 435-622-5007 for more information.
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