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See how the people in our community are making powerful and meaningful connections every day.

STRATA Serves 2022

STRATA Networks hosted their third annual STRATA Service Day which brought together employees from around the Uintah Basin to volunteer to “Paint the Town STRATA Red.” Planned in partnership with Vernal City, the project involved repainting fire hydrants and curbs located throughout the Vernal downtown area. By the end of the project, close to 100 fire hydrants in the downtown area were repainted by volunteers.

A Donation Made With Love

With thanks to our amazing community, we just presented Con Amore School with a record-breaking donation of $26,000 plus an additional $10,000 thanks to CoBank’s Sharing Success program!

Thanks to all who participated in the 21st Annual STRATA Charity Golf Classic. This donation will be going towards upgrading the facilities at Con Amore School.

Always on Call

The NOC. Arguably one of the most critical pieces to any network. But why is it important, and what is it? Short for Network Operations Center, the NOC (pronounced “KNOCK”) refers to a centralized location where technicians proactively monitor and search in real-time, 24/7 for any issues that could limit network speed or cause downtime. 

American Legion Post 22

The American Legion Post 22 building is an important landmark within the Duchesne community because it has been a part of the American Legion for 100 years and serves as a point of pride in the community. Unfortunately, for many years, this building has needed extensive repair. Please join us in supporting this cause by donating at 100% of all donations will be given to the project.

Langton Chidarara

From Zimbabwe to Vernal, UT, Langton Chidarara's story is an inspiring example of how a positive mindset, a devoted family, and advances in technology have created remarkable opportunities for his life--both now and in his future technology-centered career.

A Surprise Donation

It is finally time to announce our surprise Charity Golf Classic recipient! We couldn't be happier to reveal that the Thompsen House of Hope has received this year's donation. Experiences like this one truly are wonderful reminders of the reasons why we do what we do.

STRATA Serves: We Give Where We Live

STRATA Networks was honored to work with JustServe and U.S. Hunger to package 28,224 meals distributed in the Uintah Basin. It was an incredible experience to be a part of.

The Designer Minky Co.

When Amber Jenkins created The Designer Minky Co., she took on the challenge of operating a successful business in a small town. Amber grew from a one-woman operation, sewing blankets in her bedroom to connecting with over 200,000 followers on her Facebook page and managing 40+ employees. Watch and see how The Designer Minky Company went from a small in-home obsession to a booming online operation.

Innovation Hub

STRATA is pleased to have partnered with Vernal City and other entities to create a place for local residents to work remotely, collaborate with other likeminded entrepreneurs and compete globally. With a main street presence, modern office space, and gigabit internet speeds, the Innovation Hub is the perfect creative environment to help make your new or current business idea a success.

A Halftime Surprise

Experiences like this one are wonderful reminders of the reason behind the STRATA Charity Golf Classic. We couldn't be happier to announce that despite it being a challenging year, this year's event resulted in the largest Charity Golf Classic donation to date, and it couldn't have gone to a more deserving organization. Watch to see how the donation was presented & how KLiC reacted to hearing how much was raised for them.

Connecting Rural Schools

We’ve built a partnership with the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) to provide online education opportunities and healthcare options to rural communities where distance, geography, and low population density creates challenges. As we gear up for the school year, we’re reminded of how fortunate we are that we have joined forces with UETN so that our schools and communities are connected.

Kobe Beats the Odds

Although Kobe was born with a rare genetic disease that affects his daily activities including balance, coordination, and speech, he doesn’t let it affect his attitude. His story is an inspiring example of how a positive mindset, a devoted family, and advances in technology are creating remarkable improvements to his quality of life; for now and in the future.

Class of 2020 - STRATA Scholarship Recipients

Hear firsthand how local high school seniors felt about graduating during a pandemic, what they learned, and their plans for the future.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Working Together - While Apart

We want to say thank you to the educators & staff in our local schools for going above & beyond to support our children and families during this time. Faced with the unique educational challenges initiated by COVID-19, our community has rallied together to help one another. The power of working collaboratively has allowed us to keep our distance yet stay connected to each other – when we need connection the most!

USDA ReConnect Program

A farmer. A local radio station. A hunting preserve. These are some examples of the types of individuals and businesses that will be affected by the recent announcement that STRATA was selected to receive a loan-grant combination from the USDA ReConnect program. These funds will be used to deliver fiber internet to thousands of people living in the rural areas of the Uintah Basin, and this film gives you a glimpse into just a few of those locations.


KLiC (Keeping Love in Communities) is a local nonprofit organization that uses 100% of its proceeds to help provide financial assistance to Uintah Basin families battling cancer. To learn how you can help support this wonderful organization, visit KLiC on Facebook.

Justin Hansen

After high school, Justin Hansen, a Roosevelt native, left the hometown he loved to pursue his passion of IT. At the time, he recalls "there just weren't those opportunities in Roosevelt." After years of working outside of Utah, Justin had an opportunity he never thought possible. This video shows you firsthand how the availability of fiber internet in our rural area is making it possible for people like Justin to live their passions right here from home.

Code Club

Most kids understand how to use computers, but often times they don’t understand how they actually work. Uintah County Library is trying to change that. Watch the video to find out how.

2019 STRATA Service Day

On Saturday, June 29th, we celebrated our inaugural service day at STRATA. We had nearly 100 STRATA employees and family members who gathered to volunteer in different areas of the Uintah Basin. We really enjoyed dedicating the day to serving our local communities and helping to improve the areas we care about!

Broadband in the Basin

Living in a rural community, access to high-speed internet is as critical to us as it is anyone else. That's why we are working every day to connect as many homes and businesses to our fiber network as possible. This video gives you a glimpse into the many impacts that fiber is having on the Uintah Basin and explains why we take such pride in being the ones who are connecting our community.

In the Classroom

Technology is empowering students to do more, reach more, and discover more. In this video, Colleen Stewart, a teacher at Uintah Middle School, shares some ways that technology is helping to fuel education and how teaching digital skills to our youth is preparing the next generation for safety and success in a tech-integrated world.

Behind the Scenes of the Tower Crew

We use our cell phones more than any other device that we own. But, do we really know what it takes to make them function? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the crew that is responsible for building and maintaining over 100 cell sites across three states that make up STRATA's wireless network. See some of the harsh and dangerous conditions they face in remote areas to provide cell coverage where nobody else does.

Programming Your Life

From Brazil to France, to Australia and Canada, Ben Anderson teaches all around the world. His travels, though, consist only of moving from his bedroom to his living room. Ben is a well-known video game instructor who teaches internet-based courses to thousands of students from right here in the Uintah Basin. This video shows us how his passion for technology grew in to a successful business.


Jasmyne's story shows us that with the power of technology, a big world can feel a whole lot smaller. Watch to see how she is using the internet to make a difference in lives halfway across the world.

2018 Trees for Charity

The Trees for Charity auction is something we look forward to participating in every year & this year was no exception! It's events like these that make the Uintah Basin shine brighter throughout the holiday season and all year long. Great job to everyone who helped put this event together!

Casual Preppers Podcast

By day, Cam & Coby are two working professionals busy raising families and leading full-time careers. By night & weekend, they are co-hosts of a successful podcast that entertains & educates the everyday person on the art of “casual prepping." This video tells the story of how they've been able to use the power and reach of the internet to turn a hobby into a thriving brand.

Vernal Haunt

For nearly 30 years, Hotel Vernal has sat vacant & abandoned on Main Street...until now. This Halloween season, the hotel doors are opening once again - this time as Vernal's very own haunted hotel. Visitors can enter at their own risk to relive the ghosting sightings and paranormal experiences that the building is known for, and they can do it while giving back to local charities.

Emergency Medical Services

We are grateful for our local emergency medical technicians. Their knowledge and skills can be life-saving in high pressure situations, and connected technologies play an increasingly important role in the work they do. Check out this closer look at the challenging and rewarding life of an EMT.

Vernal Theatre Live

Vernal Theatre Live is a resource in our community that brings the Uintah Basin together to discover and celebrate the arts. This video tells you about how the Vernal Theatre relied on the internet to gather funding for their productions.

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