Lehi Fiber Network Celebrates Inaugural Customer

The deployment of the Lehi Fiber Network is well underway, with the first resident officially turning up today. By the end of this project, every subscribing home, business, and anchor institution will have access to the fastest internet speeds available in the country.

Lehi City announced its plans to partner with Strata Networks to deliver fiber internet to citizens in the winter of 2021, and construction began the next fall. Today, the first customers are being activated in the area north of Main Street on the east side of Willow Park. Lehi City Mayor Mark Johnson was on site to personally complete the connection, commemorating a milestone that sets the stage for countless others in the community to follow suit.

"The Council and I are very excited to start connecting homes to our new Fiber Network," says Lehi City Mayor Mark Johnson. "We have received a significant amount of interest in delivering high-quality fiber service to our city, and today is a milestone in making this happen for all our residents."

While the first customers are signing on, construction is proceeding in other neighborhoods throughout the city, including west of Veterans Park and nearby Pioneer Crossing surrounding 500 West. The project is anticipated to continue through the spring of 2025, but residents and businesses anywhere in the city can pre-register for a fiber connection now by visiting lehi.fibertomycity.com. There is no cost to pre-register, and doing so ensures that those interested will receive updates on when their area is ready to sign up for service.

There to celebrate the first customer activation, were representatives from Lehi City, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on the network, and representatives from Strata Networks, the city’s selected partner, to design, build, and operate the network. Based in Roosevelt, Utah, Strata has nearly three decades of experience building fiber networks, and they can currently be seen building networks in various parts of the state. Lehi residents will likely see their crews and vehicles around town throughout the build-out process, among other contractors hired to complete the project.

“By leveraging the power of fiber optics, Lehi City is revolutionizing how its citizens will communicate, work, learn, and live,” said Strata Networks CEO/General Manager Bruce Todd. “With the first customer lighting up, we can now begin to see the tangible impacts and opportunities that will come from building a city-wide network in Lehi. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are happy to be a part of creating positive change in an already vibrant community.”

The Lehi Fiber Network is an open-access network wherein customers all have the benefit of experiencing the same reliable and secure fiber infrastructure while still maintaining the freedom to select a provider of their choice. Participating providers include Beehive Broadband, Centracom, Intellipop, SumoFiber, and XMission. Packages and prices vary depending on the provider, but customers can expect prices between $65 - $100/mo. for speeds up to 2 Gbps, with additional package options up to 10 Gbps.

For more information on the Lehi Fiber Network, visit lehifibernetwork.gov.

Strata Networks is the leading telecommunications provider in the Uintah Basin, providing high-speed broadband service, as well as nationwide wireless service and a TV product. Headquartered in Roosevelt, Utah, Strata celebrates over 70 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and three decades of experience in building and operating fiber optic networks. The strength of Strata lies within its team of more than 300 employees who are committed to providing quality work and an exceptional experience for their customers and partners. The company functions as a local cooperative, in which customers can also become member-owners of the company who may receive patronage dividends and participate in company voting processes. More information is available at www.stratanetworks.com.

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