Strata Networks Unveils New Logo

Strata New Logo

Strata Networks is proud to unveil its new company logo, celebrating the start of a new chapter for the member-owned company. The fresh new mark, which features a modern design and bolder look, is part of Strata’s ongoing commitment to innovation, progress, and growth; and represents a positive step forward for the company.

The updated logo is an evolution of the previous mark, taking some of the core elements but transforming them for a new era. It features a clean design with bold typography, a vibrant signature red, and a simplified icon – all of which come together to capture the essence of the Strata brand and better align with the company’s vision for the future.

Over the past several years, Strata has evolved in many ways, including expanding its products and services, improving connectivity for its customers locally and beyond, and finding new ways to give back to the communities they belong to. Their new logo signifies the transformations they have experienced and the company they have grown to become.

“Our new logo is a visual representation of the progress we have made as a company,” said STRATA Networks CEO/General Manager Bruce Todd. “As our company has evolved, we felt it was important to update our logo to better represent who we are today and where we are headed in the future. We’re always looking for ways to improve and provide the best possible service to our customers, and this change is just one small part of that larger effort.”

The new logo will be gradually rolled out across all Strata platforms, company materials, and communications throughout the coming months.

STRATA NETWORKS is the leading telecommunications provider in the Uintah Basin, providing high-speed broadband service, as well as nationwide wireless service and a TV product. Headquartered in Roosevelt, Utah, STRATA celebrates over 70 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and three decades of experience in building and operating fiber optic networks. The strength of STRATA lies within its team of more than 300 employees who are committed to providing quality work and an exceptional experience for their customers and partners. The company functions as a local cooperative, in which customers can also become member-owners of the company who may receive patronage dividends and participate in company voting processes. More information is available at

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