STRATA’s 3G Wireless Network Set to Retire at Start of 2023

STRATA Networks plans to decommission its 3G CDMA wireless network at the start of 2023 in order to make room for next-generation technologies. This network change is occurring industry-wide, with most other U.S. wireless carriers already having started turning down their 3G cell sites and transitioning to 100% Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

STRATA began rolling out their VoLTE network in spring of 2022, and since then, nearly 95% of their cellular lines have been migrated to VoLTE and will be unaffected by the sunset of their 3G network. However, the remaining customers who are still operating on 3G technology will experience a complete loss of voice and data service as of January 3, 2023. This includes the ability to make 911 phone calls.

After this date, customer accounts with phones and/or SIM cards that are incompatible with their VoLTE network will be suspended for a 60-day period and then terminated if no contact has been made with STRATA Networks.

STRATA encourages all who have been contacted to make an update to their device and/or SIM card to visit a retail store at their earliest convenience to avoid disruptions in their service. Eligible customers who need to upgrade their phone to maintain service can choose from select free phones or receive a discount on a device of their choice. Customers who are unsure if they will be affected by this change can visit or call (435) 622-5007 to find out.

“Our teams have worked hard to notify all customers about the steps that are required to maintain service and are committed to helping the remaining customers who will be affected by this change,” said STRATA Networks General Manager/CEO Bruce Todd. “Technology is always evolving, and sometimes the changes can be challenging, but STRATA is dedicated to helping our customers adjust as easily as possible, and we hope that they will be happy with the new wireless experiences that this change will ultimately allow us to bring.”

As with any network transition, it is important for STRATA customers to understand that there will be changes in cellular coverage. STRATA’s wireless teams continue to work hard to expand their LTE network across the Uintah Basin, which will enhance voice and data coverage. For any service issues, please contact STRATA Networks technical support team at (435) 622-5007.

For more information, contact Stephanie Arnold at 435-622-5007 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

STRATA Networks is the largest independent telecommunications cooperative in the state of Utah, headquartered in Roosevelt. STRATA Networks has been providing telecommunication services for more than 70 years, with a specific focus on fiber networks over the last three decades. In addition to building and owning its own fiber optic infrastructure throughout the state, STRATA offers a unique model that allows municipalities to maintain ownership of their network and benefit from subscriber revenues while STRATA serves as the network operator. Additionally, STRATA provides advanced voice, broadband, television, and nationwide wireless services. More information is available at

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