Lehi City Hosts Ceremonial Fiber Cutting in Partnership with STRATA

On September 6, 2022, officials from Lehi City and STRATA Networks gathered for a fiber-cutting ceremony commemorating the start of construction on the Lehi City Fiber Network.

Lehi City has partnered with STRATA Networks, the largest independent telecommunications cooperative in the state of Utah, to construct a fiber network that will service all subscribed homes and businesses within Lehi City limits when completed. The deployment of the network entails a public-private partnership between Lehi City, STRATA Networks, and Internet Service Providers. The infrastructure itself will be owned by the city and will be designed, engineered, constructed, and operated by STRATA.

The community was invited to attend the event to hear from Lehi City Mayor Mark Johnson, STRATA Networks Chief Executive Officer Bruce Todd, and Chief Operations Officer Dave Ryan. An educational open house followed the ceremony.

Mayor Johnson emphasized the importance of having a fiber network, stating that, “It didn’t take long through 2020 to realize how important fast speeds are to perform our jobs and for our education system. Every child deserves a quality education. They deserve that.”

Johnson expressed excitement for the project saying, “The timeline at three years is remarkable. When we first started this process, we were looking at least five years. Then we went out and had the opportunity to tour the facilities that STRATA has. I was thoroughly impressed with their capabilities. I think all of us came home knowing that they were a capable partner to help us move this system forward.”

Bruce Todd, CEO of STRATA Networks, gave some history of the company and expressed further confidence in STRATA’s ability to execute the project. Having been in the telecommunications business for over 70 years, he said “We see business models change, and so we have adapted through strategic plan and developments. As a company we have a board [of directors] and close to 300 employees.” Of the various complementary services and companies STRATA provides, he remarked “We have different services that we provide. STRATA as you can understand to mean layers.”

“Today we embark on that next piece as the City has decided to build a 100% fiber network that is open access to provide broadband services to all the reaches of the city,” stated Chief Operating Officer Dave Ryan.

He continued, “This new fiber structure […] will do much more than simply providing high-speed premium internet services to homes and businesses. It will also support many other initiatives like water conservation, traffic management, sensory applications through the Internet of Things, enhancements for health and life saving systems, improved education, along with economic development that will require this type of infrastructure […] that the city needs and is already experiencing as the technology hub for the state.”

Following the speakers, Johnson announced that residents and businesses could expect to see the following Internet Service Providers (ISPs) utilize the open access network: Intellipop, Xmission, Sumo, Beehive Broadband, and CentraCom. An open access model aims to promote better pricing, improved services, and give people more choices for their internet service.

“Think of this open access system similarly to a large hub airport,” remarked Ryan. “You have a large airport and multiple airlines that compete for your business, but they all use the infrastructure that is provided by the airport. Similarly, the city will be building this fiber network and the ISPs will be able to compete for the customer’s business using that infrastructure.”

The first subscribers are expected to be connected to the network by the spring of 2023. More information, as well as project updates and schedules, will be posted to the City’s website at engagelehi.org/lehifiber.


For more information on this press release, contact Cameron Boyle (Lehi City) at 385-201-2266 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tyler Rasmussen (STRATA Networks) at 435-622-5007 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About STRATA NETWORKS: STRATA NETWORKS is the leading telecommunications provider in the Uintah Basin, providing advanced voice, broadband, television, and nationwide wireless services. Headquartered in Roosevelt, Utah, STRATA celebrates over 60 years of technology expertise, exceptional customer relations, and a devout corporate social responsibility to its community. The company functions as a local cooperative, in which customers can also become member-owners of the company who may receive patronage dividends and participate in company voting processes. For questions on this press release, contact Tyler Rasmussen at 622-5007, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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