STRATA’s Fiber Network Now Reaches 10,000+ Locations

Ten thousand locations in the Uintah Basin are now fed with STRATA Networks’ fiber-optic internet, giving them access to some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

This fiber infrastructure provides gigabit internet speeds and virtually unlimited bandwidth potential to keep up with the many growing broadband applications in today’s technology-driven world. STRATA has been deploying fiber-optic internet in the Uintah Basin for nearly three decades and with the demand for more bandwidth increasing, expanding their fiber network has become a top priority in recent years. According to STRATA, for the past several years, they have been successful in meeting and surpassing their goal to bring fiber to 1,000 new locations each year and they will continue their aggressive build-out schedule across all areas of the Uintah Basin.

“As fiber is made available to more locations, it means more doors are opened and more opportunities arise for our community in terms of economic development, education, workforce and healthcare,” said General Manager/CEO Bruce Todd. “Our teams have worked non-stop to deliver fiber to these 10,000 locations and it’s something we are very proud of, but there is still work to do and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon.”

In addition to STRATA’s efforts to bring fiber to 1,000 new locations each year, they have also made a commitment to deliver it to 3,000 of the most remote locations across the Uintah Basin over the next few years. This commitment was made in conjunction with their award from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ReConnect program. STRATA’s receiving of this award was announced in 2020 and it will help to serve some of the most rural locations that are oftentimes the most difficult to build to. STRATA is working through the required processes to begin construction in these areas and is hopeful that it will commence soon.

Those that do not yet have fiber but are interested in the faster speeds that it can provide are invited to register their address at – a tool that gives customers a bigger voice in deciding where fiber gets built next. STRATA is actively using the interest that is aggregated through this platform to drive decisions on where fiber should be built next.

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