Postponement of 2020 Annual Meeting and Election

The annual meeting of the members of UBTA-UBET Communications Inc., dba STRATA Networks has previously been postponed because of Covid 19 guidelines and health and safety concerns. After further review of public safety guidelines, and due to concerns for the safety and health of the members and the employees, as well as uncertainty as to the ability to have a group meeting, the annual meeting has been cancelled for the year 2020.

Other arrangements to provide information to the members, that would have been provided at the 2020 annual meeting, will be made by the Board and management including providing financial and other reports online for member review.

One of the main items of business at the annual meeting is the election of directors. As a result of the guidelines restricting groups from gathering at a meeting, which is required under the bylaws to have an election, the decision has been made to continue the 2020 election in 2021.

The Board of Directors looked at many options to hold the election but all required significant amendments to the bylaws. To make significant changes to the bylaws requires approval from a federal agency as a result of the recent Re-Connect grant and loan1. That approval could not be obtained in time to go thru the election process in 2020.

One of the concerns about postponing the 2020 election is that it could result in more than a majority of board members being elected at the 2021 election and also upset the staggering of the director terms.

After discussing the issues at a regular and special board meeting the following was decided:

  1. A temporary amendment would be made to the bylaws to allow the postponing of the 2020 election, to avoid having more than 4 directors elected at one time, and to not interfere with the staggering of terms. The temporary amendment would add the following provision. This proposed amendment will be voted on at the director meeting on July 30, 2020. Any comments regarding this proposed change should be addressed with the director for your area prior to that date.

    Proposed Temporary Amendment:

    Add to Section 3.2 of the Bylaws:

    In the event the annual meeting and the director elections are postponed and because of safety or health reasons the annual meeting and elections cannot be rescheduled then the provisions of these bylaws regarding the voting for directors, including but not limited to, time lines, procedures, meetings and quorums will be suspended, and the election will be postponed for one year and each director’s current term will be extended for one year.

  2. The Board also approved changes to the election procedures to allow mail in and/or online voting. In an effort to avoid future problems a committee was established to consider other options to provide more flexibility for future elections and annual meetings. Those changes will be significant and will need approval from the federal regulatory agency. It is the intent of the Board to make these changes and obtain approval so that the new voting procedures are available for the year 2021.

To view this year's annual report, click here.

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