STRATA Responds to Verizon Disconnects

Due to the many questions that STRATA has received regarding Verizon’s recent decision to disconnect customers who have excessive data usage outside of the Verizon network, STRATA is issuing this formal public statement:

While STRATA does have a partnership with Verizon, we have had no direct role in Verizon’s decision to terminate its customers in our area. Verizon’s decision to terminate high data usage customers is nationwide and affecting wireless subscribers in many parts of the country. We cannot speak on behalf of Verizon but can say that STRATA’s agreement with Verizon, including the fees that Verizon is charged to use STRATA’s network, have not been altered in an effort to gain customers. Actually, wholesale rates paid by the likes of Verizon to STRATA have done nothing but decline for several years now.

Many have expressed the desire for an unlimited data plan offered by STRATA. Ironically, the largest obstruction to STRATA’s offering an unlimited data option lies in the wholesale data fees which STRATA is required to pay other carriers to access their networks. STRATA is working strategically to put in place technologies and agreements that will eliminate some of these barriers and improve STRATA’s data plan offerings.

Many assumptions have been made and we hope that Uintah Basin residents understand that STRATA, as a locally owned cooperative, has nothing but good intentions for our customers and our community. We hope that those who have been affected by Verizon’s decision feel that they have a reliable wireless option in their local provider.

We invite anyone who has questions to contact us directly at (435) 622-5007, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

STRATA NETWORKS is the leading telecommunications provider in the Uintah Basin, providing advanced voice, broadband, television, and nationwide wireless services. The company is headquartered in Roosevelt, Utah with a coverage area extending in to a tri-state region, serving over 60,000 customers. STRATA celebrates over 60 years of technology expertise, exceptional customer relations, and a devout corporate social responsibility to its community. The company functions as a local cooperative, in which customers can also become member owners of the company who may receive patronage dividends and participate in company voting processes. More information is available at

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