Your Local ISP's Perspective On Internet Privacy Ruling

Congress’s recent decision to repeal the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s previously proposed internet privacy rules has raised questions for some internet users concerned that their personal information will be shared by their internet service provider. STRATA Networks reassures its customers that they are not at increased risk. The vote to repeal the privacy rules will not create any major change, says STRATA. The FCC’s proposed rules were not yet in effect before being revoked so, in reality, internet users are no less protected now than they were before.

Passed by the FCC in October, the regulations would have placed restrictions on how internet providers use consumer data. But, ironically, the same regulations would not have been applied to platforms like Google & Facebook who have access to as much, if not more, customer information.

STRATA assures customers that they have no intention of distributing private customer information and they remain committed to protecting their customers’ privacy. Nearly two years ago, the FCC issued an advisory to telecommunications providers like STRATA directing them to abide by “core customer privacy protections.” This guidance remains in effect today and was not affected by the recent repeal.

“It is important to us that our customers know that recent action by our government did not reduce or eliminate measures in place to protect the privacy of customer information,” STRATA Networks CEO/General Manager Bruce Todd said. “STRATA is working with our industry partners to ensure that the best practices are created to guarantee the protection of consumer data, and, as a local company with a strong commitment to our communities, we have a vested interest in seeing that those protections are followed.”

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