STRATA Networks Data Center Opens the Basin Up to the World

The plain, nondescript building STRATA Networks is now occupying in Vernal gives no indication of the amount of cutting edge technology that is housed inside it. Strata’s new data center is ready to help people and businesses in the Basin get access to the cloud.

STRATA Network Operations Manager Brent Simmons said this state-of-the-art facility is designed to help people and businesses from anywhere in the world, while still maintaining that small town feel.

“The data center is the cloud for the internet. This is where the internet functions. When you store data, or access the internet, it’s stored in the cloud,” Simmons said. “This is Strata’s internet cloud. It’s our system to join ourselves to the bigger cloud.”

The building is accessible by using special key cards. But getting through the front door is just the first layer of security Strata has built into the building. To access the computer room where all the equipment will be stored, there are two more secured doors that require the right key card and the customer’s biometric data before anyone will be allowed entry.

The computer room is visible from the lobby area, but until you set foot into this climate controlled space, you don’t realize the thoughtful planning that has gone into it. Humidifiers keep the space at 40 percent humidity, which Simmons said is optimal to keep static electricity down. The room is also kept cool to compensate for the heat produced from the machines. It’s a delicate balance that has to be meticulously maintained.

“We designed this space with several purposes in mind. We wanted to be able to create a space where a business could move their data infrastructure into a secure, redundant space instead of investing the capital in building small server rooms or get them out of the small closet or under desks in the office,” Simmons said.

Right now, the room houses two pod systems, one which Strata will use to maintain their network and the other that will be available for businesses to purchase space.

“There is a lot of talk about moving to the cloud or being in the cloud. On top of that we also wanted to provide a space for our own managed services,” Simmons said. “If you’re a customer that wants to manage your own gear, we have a space for it. If you’re a customer that wants to turn over and let us manage the services, we have a space for that as well.”

The building is staffed 24/7/365 which makes it easy for IT professionals to get to their company’s equipment at any time. Simmons said they also designed a comfortable lounge area where IT techs can work or relax while they are at the data center. It’s another personal touch that Simmons said makes Strata’s data center unique.

“Part of our mission is to develop talent and services here in the Basin. Diversification is one thing we had in mind when we built this,” Simmons said. “We hope to be able to attract some talented people to come work in this space. We intend to market this service to customers outside of the Basin as well. It’s about helping the community and the economics of the community as well."


Source: Brenda Fisher, UB Media

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